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Copyright Information In Regards To The Embroidery Design Files

ALL DESIGNS LISTED AT http://SNOKE.US. ARE COPYRIGHT OWNED AND PROTECTED BY THE ORIGINAL DIGITIZER WHO CREATED THEM When you purchase designs at http://SNOKE.US, you are the sole "authorized user" of the software and are legally bound by the copyright laws that apply to this authorization. By down loading the free files and/or purchased files, you are agreeing to adhere to the guidelines listed here and any additional statements in the files themselves expressed by the digitizer. You are authorized to use the software files to stitch out on items for gifts, personal use and items to sell. If you sell your finished projects on-line, we require a link back to this website with credit given to the digitizer of the designs. You are prohibited from sharing, transferring or selling the design files by any means. You are prohibited from altering, combining or changing the files except to customize a design for personal use only. You may, however, add lettering to personalize the designs. This policy is strictly enforced and breach of this agreement could result in legal action Sales Of Electronically Delivered Products Are Final Refunds On These Items Will Not Be Issued All effort will be made to provide you with your purchased files. Credits are gladly issued, in the event you do not receive your order.

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