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Prices may vary from design to design but here are my basic prices:

Basic Prices – Prices are based on the detail and work involved. If a design can be sold to more than one customer the price would be equal to any of our online designs ($5 - $15). If an individual customer can only use the design or if you want exclusive rights to a design the cost would be in the same price range as Logos.

Bikes, Cars and Trucks -- Due to copyright restrictions by vehicle manufacturers I cannot digitize designs of vehicles by brand name. If "your" vehicle is customized, highly modified or a classic it may be okay. Just ask. However, it may fall into the exclusive rights price ranging since the design of “your” vehicle for “you” would be ok, but selling to individuals beyond you could infringe on manufactures copyrights.

Logos -- The price range is from $20 to $75 depending on the level of detail and difficulty. Send your logo artwork to "Sales@Snoke.us" and I will get an estimate back to you as soon as possible.

I do not duplicate existing embroidery designs or digitize trademarked or copyrighted images without written permission. The risks of infringing upon copyright and pattern ownership are too great.

Here's my process. To keep the price low I ask that the customer test sew the design using their machine, thread, skills, stabilizer and fabric (fabric like the final design will be sewn on). This ensures a better quality, better sewing design.

I'll email you a picture of the design as my system shows it complete. If you see modifications that are needed at that point e-mail me back with the changes you desire. Once you feel the design is good enough you send payment by PayPal or check by mail. Once I receive payment I will e-mail you the design. You test stitch the design and if you see any tweaks needed send me those needs. I'll make any final tweaks needed and return the "final" design. Although its called a "final" design some additional tweaks may be needed and they will be done until you are satisfied.

Please keep in mind, when you ask me to digitize a design for a third party (your customer, friend, etc.) the agreement is between you and I and the payment obligation is yours, not your customer's or friend's.

Designs created/sold are for individual use only. Purchase of a design only gives you rights to embroider the design on items for yourself or for sale. The design itself cannot be resold. The only exception would be the sale of a Logo design along with the sale of the business that design Logo is for.

Send Artwork Sales@Snoke.us for a price quote

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